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Roche & Emily Perth Engagement Photosession

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Emily contacted me towards end of Nov last year to book in a couple session for her and Roche. The date was set for end of Jan. We would be in contact a couple weeks prior to the date to discuss their session in detail. So this was where Roche hijacked the correspondence from Emily. He told me that he want to propose to Emily sometime during the session, but he was not exactly sure what he wanted to do. I was busy browsing through Pinterest and I saw an idea which was for a pregnancy reveal, but I thought it could work wonderful for a proposal as well. Roche was very keen on the idea 🙂 We had to keep everything a secret from Emily though. She thought they were only coming for a couple session. On the actual day I told her that we are busy with a new website (which is the truth 🙂 ) and we wanted to make a video of their session. I obviously had to hope that she would be ok with this idea. On the day I explained that I'm going to stop somewhere halfway through the session to ask them a couple of questions about each other. They had to write the answer on a board and then reveal to each other. She was all keen and so the rest of the plan fell into action. It worked a charm and we had a very unexpected bride-to-be 🙂 Thanks you 2 for letting us capture a very special and intimate moment of your lives. We truly feel so privilege and honoured. You 2 are made for each other. We are so happy for the 2 of you. May you be blessed beyond words.

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